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USA buyers rejoice

This is the OnePlus 7 from the China market. The phone does run Oxygen OS and the default language out of the box is English. If you wanted the OP7 and not the Pro model then look no further. This is a bargain and plus, this device has better specs than the OnePlus 6T which sells for 549(256rom, 8gbram) from OnePlus USA. You'd have to be insane to buy the 6T over this device. I am using this 7 on T-Mobile USA and it works perfectly. Kudos the the seller (NeverMSRP) and the fast shipping. I ordered on a Saturday and received the phone Tuesday.

Tldr; This is a legit OnePlus 7. Better and cheaper than the similar spec'd 6T (US Market)

Everything you need and more. OnePlus is still the flagship killer.​

The full package, everything you need in a phone and then some. Pre-applied screen protector, included clear case, 48mp back shooting camera that takes incredibly sharp images. Clean Android experience with tasteful additions from Oxygen OS. Beautiful and vibrant OLED display with a resultion that is just right for a phone this size. The fingerprint reader is unbelievably fast it exceeded my expectations. All of this for almost half the price of current flagship phones. This phone is worth every penny.

Super fast n amazing phone!​

One day delivery and well packed. Features
1. Super fast
2. Fast face unlock n screen fingerprint reader.
3. Nice camera
4. Works well with At&t gsm.
5. Dual SIM
6. Decent battery life n fast charging.

Excellent phone but not "the best" camera if that's what you want

About 6 hours battery of always on Pokemon Go time. Very nice hardware design. Front facing camera notch is barely noticeable and can be hidden via built in OS setting. Came with a free clear flexible plastic case and an already applied plastic screen protector. Camera is not excellent but it's pretty nice. The in-screen fingerprint reader works about 97% of the time. Facial recognition for auto login is super fast and very accurate. Very good and clear audio for music playback. Overall an excellent phone.

Amazing value. But this phone was made for Chinese market

This phone probably offers the best value of any phone you can buy. It is meant for the Chinese market however and you need to do some research to make sure it'll work with your network. I use cricket which uses ATT's network. It is missing at least one LTE band but I found it didn't matter since cricket limits bandwidth to 8Mbps anyway. If you use ATT you should also get service but you might get much slower speeds than the 30+ Mbps that you should be getting.

Only complaint is that the screen brightness doesn't seem to auto adjust as well as my iPhone did. But on the plus side you get a top tier phone for under $500. Just make sure you do your research and k ow what you're getting into because this is a Chinese phone and compatibility with your network might not exist. The paperwork is in Chinese, but the phone boots in English and I had it setup and working with cricket wireless in like 5 minutes. Just took the sim out of my broke. iPhone 6s plus and popped it in.

Great phone for an affordable price!

So far it's great! Gets exceptional service (I'm in the Southeastern U. S.) Very fast, has gobs of storage and RAM, multiple user profiles are enabled (looking at you Samsung), and does everything a phone should.

Oxygen O. S. takes some adjustment, but no more than most of the other skinned Android phones.

Display is top notch as everyone expects, and I like this phone more than the 7Pro. Mainly because it doesn't have to have a motor for the selfie cam, and the tear drop notch goes mostly unnoticed.

CONS??? I have no idea how to clear the cache all at once without having to go app by app, and though I'll probably never need it, why is there no SD storage expansion????????

For reference: I'm in the Southeastern United States on Cricket Mobile (AT&T) and get 4G LTE everywhere I did with my xaomi mimix2s and iPhone.

One Plus 7 International Model is good.

This is a general purpose phone primarily used for e-mail, phone and text messaging, with occasional photos. The larger screen size allows larger size displays, making it easier to see the text. On the other hand, the phone is big and long.. sticking an inch or so out of the shirt pocket. So not so easy to keep it in place. If 7Plus Pro is even bigger, I feel I made a good choice getting the international version. Although I hope OnePlus reconsiders its policy regarding warranty.. It is unnecessarily creating a bad feeling for those of us who shy away from oversizing everything..

So Far So Good

I have only had it for a day so far, but the phone has been running smoothly. As the listing states it is the China model of the phone but the setup is in English. The setup process went smoothly, bringing over my Google Account info and then using the OnePlus Switch app to bring over media files from my Pixel 2. I then downloaded the Oxygen Updater app from the Play Store to get the Android 10 update. I would assume that the Android 10 update will be available OTA sooner than later, but I didn't want to wait and went through the app instead. Regardless it's good to know that OnePlus has an Android 10 update ready to go.

In the box there is a clear case, the dash charger, USB-C cable and some documentation. With this being the China model, all the documentation was in Chinese but thankfully none of it is needed to get the phone up and running. Put in my SIM and it just worked without hassle. I have service from Mint Mobile here in the U.S. and it has been good so far. Mint uses T-Mobile towers and the Signal Spy app shows the phone connecting to Bands 2,4 and 12. Download speeds vary for me, from 30 Mbps going up to 70 Mbps when I am in the city.

Hardware wise the phone is great but I am definitely going to keep it in the case. There is a heft to it but I can imagine the front and back shattering if it ever hit the ground. The display (which has a pre-applied screen protector) is great, much better than my Pixel 2. Colors are vibrant. Having a button to switch between ring, vibrate and silent is a nice touch. No headphone jack unfortunately and no wireless charging. The included Dash charger works well. The only downside to the phone so far is the in-display fingerprint sensor. I'd say it's 7/10 when it comes to how often it works. I have not used the face recognition for signing in so I can't speak to how well that works.

So far I'm glad I bought this phone. Great hardware and the software is easy to update. Oxygen OS does have it's own touches which some are nice, such as the themes, gestures and timely updates. As someone coming from a Pixel phone, it's weird to see OnePlus' own versions of apps such as Contacts and Messages next to the Google versions I am used to having. I was weary of buying this phone but so far it is turning out to be a good buy. For about $450 with tax, I am getting a phone with great build, display and software that runs just fine on T-Mobile towers. It's a very good value compared to the Samsung Galaxies, Google Pixels and iPhones out there. Sure, it's not going to have the camera quality, the wireless charging or the IP water resistance ratings of those phones, but it doesn't come with the price tag of those either. If you are looking for a good value and have service from AT&T, T-Mobile or one of their respective MVNO's, you really can't go wrong with the OnePlus 7.

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