Considered Helpful Reviews of Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro on Amazon

Check for 4G Coverage, Great Phone

Note: This is a global version of the phone, if you are in the US you will still receive an EU plugged charger. Check kimovil for appropriate 4g/3g band coverage, and check a US coverage map to ensure that the proper bands (for me B2 and B5) are covered in your area by your provider.

The phone is noticeably thicker than my old OnePlus 3 but the battery is large enough to make up for it. I recommend replacing some of the Mi apps with the regular Google equivalent, but overall the OS is pretty good. The built in themes app has a lot of good community made free options, and the phone can look pretty nice with these enabled.

For $400 you can't beat the performance or the camera on a smartphone, this is definitely the way to go if you don't mind a small amount of thickness and a Chinese brand.

400 dollars well spent

Worst phone manufacturer and MIUI is the worst android ROM I've ever had the displeasure of ""using"". Already frustrated and want to return it within an hour. The phone is riddled with built-in advertisements and apps designed to sell you services that you can't remove. You can't even flash a custom ROM. The company wants you to wait 168 hours before being able to unlock the bootloader. Oh and you also have to sign up for a "Mi account" to attempt to do so. Absolute waste of money. I will tell everyone I know to never buy Xiaomi.

Get this one!

Really high quality! I love this phone!!! Easy set up and great UI. Great for gaming as well as taking photos.

If you're buying in the US you'll need to also buy a new charging block as it comes with a European block

Great phone but with a few issues

As one person mentioned it does not come with a US charger. That was a bummer but the phone seems to perform great. Also, it works on ATT/Cricket but I cannot get wifi calling to work. After lots of research I was able to get into a DOS like setting and find where I could enable Wifi calling/VOLte. Once I did that the wifi calling feature was available in the regular phone settings! Yet, unfortunately the wifi does not does not work. Another bummer for me bc I have a horrible signal at work. I hate to return bc of this bc it's a great phone but I need wifi calling. If anyone out there knows a trick I am all ears (eyes). 4/5 because of these two issues but a great buy.

Very good quality for the price!

Very accurate to description, it feels a little heavy, I hope it's just time to get used to it . The camera it's awesome for the price, grant angular it's very good. Includes a phone case in the box, the bad new it's the charger, because it's the EU type.

Update: Camera it's not the best but GCam helps a lot. Screen has some little scratches after 3 months and manufacturer recommend not use tempered glass because the on screen fingerprint. Good battery, good screen quality, processor it's awesome, MIUI 11 with Android 10 arrived like a month ago, personally I don't like pop-up camera.

Great phone for an affordable price!

So far it's great! Gets exceptional service (I'm in the Southeastern U. S.) Very fast, has gobs of storage and RAM, multiple user profiles are enabled (looking at you Samsung), and does everything a phone should.

Oxygen O. S. takes some adjustment, but no more than most of the other skinned Android phones.

Display is top notch as everyone expects, and I like this phone more than the 7Pro. Mainly because it doesn't have to have a motor for the selfie cam, and the tear drop notch goes mostly unnoticed.

CONS??? I have no idea how to clear the cache all at once without having to go app by app, and though I'll probably never need it, why is there no SD storage expansion????????

For reference: I'm in the Southeastern United States on Cricket Mobile (AT&T) and get 4G LTE everywhere I did with my xaomi mimix2s and iPhone.

Great Value

Unlocked and works great. No issues. Works with ATT & TMOBILE

The KIA of the phones. Got it all half the price! 😉

Let's be honest. For 380 dollars this phone is very good. The camera? Yeah sure you ll have a little more noise on images compared to a pixel or else but if you don't zoom in to find the little pixel that is wrong you ll be just saving a lot of money! For the same specs as the pixel 4 you get this thing for half the price...

You can unlock the bootloader by the way whereas all Huawei phones are locked forever.

Honestly I charge the battery every morning during 35 minutes to get it at about 80%. I m using it very often but not playing games and by 11pm I manage to have 25 to 40% of remaining juice from the 80% in the morning... Not bad right?

User interface? I don't understand people moaning about it. It just works flawlessly no bugs or slow downs. Full screen gesture is awesome. No more virtual buttons on the screen make it very immersive.

A little heavy yes but backed with 4000mah don't forget.

Screen brightness perfect. I m coming from Samsung and I can say that the screen is indeed made by Samsung. Not ultra HD but you can't see it anyways starting from 5" of view distance. Pointless to have more resolution on such a small screen, the more pixel you have the more it drains the battery for something you can't even distinguish... Better save money with this phone to buy a big 4k TV for instance.

The pop up cam is very nice but probably not the best again. Be honest with yourself and think about the fact you don't need professional grade selfies 99.99,% of the time so...But I'm not using it a lot anyway so I'm glade it disappears under the screen rather than having those awful notches.

Ok last. Under display fingerprint sensor. Except Samsung for note 10 S10 and Apple they all use the same under display camera. It works quite well but not as fast as a regular fingerprint scanner on the back. It misses sometimes but really not bad at all. Here some tricks: you can teach up to 5 different fingerprints so I teached the same finger 3 times to get really fast unlocks. It works quite well.

I ordered the phone to Canada QC and Fido is working just fine.


Amazing. Cannot believe it is exactly the same 855+6g as pxiel 4. And it is real-full screen.

Gran Celular, ojala Xiami continué con esta linea de producción

Vi muchas Reviews antes de comprarlo, porque aunque es un celular relativamente barato para sus especificaciones, 8500 es un gasto considerable. Esto es lo que he notado durante su uso:

- Los juego corren al pelo, no he tenido problema con apps como GTA San Andreas, CoD y The Elders Scroll, que son los que mas uso.
- Se actualiza inmediatamente lo comienzas a usar a MIUI 11 y a la version de Android mas reciente
- Los iconos de notificaciones están ocultos pero se ajustan en las opciones de las mismas
- Los botones "ventana" y "return" están invertidos pero es el mismo caso que lo anterior, pueden configurarse.
- La cámara es de gran calidad y mejora mucho si usas la Gcam, no obstante al no ser una app nativa para celulares Xiaomi, existen algunos errores, como dejar la camara "pop-up" arriba cuando haces selfies. Se soluciona cerrando la app y usando la camara app nativa del celular.
- Corre muy fluido todo y la pantalla se ve excelente en vídeos, juegos, libros, etc..
- El detector de huellas al actualizarlo mejora muchísimo su velocidad de reconocimiento, no obstante en ocasiones no hace su función, ha sido muy esporádico, me ha pasado 2 veces en 2 semanas de uso, no me refiero a que marque un error en tu huella, si no que ni siquiera detecta que estas poniendo el dedo, pero se soluciona bloqueando y desbloqueando el celular. No se si es solo en mi equipo o pasa con otros.
- Viene con la funda básica, delgada, elegante y con el logo de Xiaomi, me gusto mas que unas que encuentras en Amazon, de hecho es la que uso a pesar de haber comprado otras 2 con muy buenas reviews.
- Tiene cargador Europeo con adaptador a EU/Latinoamerica.
- Considero que tengo una cantidad considerable de Apps, así como contenido de Netlix y Spotify descargado, que al sumarle el sistema del teléfono, ocupan apenas 30 gb, así que la opción de 128 gb esta muy bien si te gusta cargar con mucho contenido en tu celular.
- La carga rápida cumple, tengo el cargador de 27 W, y en menos de 1 hora ya tengo carga al 100%, la cual me tarda hasta 30 a 40 hrs en terminármela con un uso regular (Wifi, Musica, Youtube, redes sociales, bloqueandolo, y desbloqueandolo obviamente no en uso continuo), y entre 20 a 30 horas con un uso un poco mas prolongado y con Blueetooth activado todo el tiempo junto a la Mi Band 4. Reitero, estos son números para un uso NO CONTINUO, mas bien por lapsos de tiempo cortos de 10 a 20 minutos aproximadamente.
- En Conclusión me encanto este celular, esta al nivel de los Gamma Alta sin problemas por un precio ridículamente inferior, si no quieres gastar tanto en un galaxy S10, un Huawei P30 o el Iphone en turno, este celular, les pide muy poco para valer la mitad que los anteriores. Es una compra redonda en mi opinión

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